Limiting Phonebook Searches to Exts?

One of my IVR options is the Phonebook Directory. However, when I enter in the first three letters of a name, the search engine searches internal extensions as well as contacts in the Asterisk Phonebook list. Is it possible to limit the search to only internal extensions?

For example, if a caller wants to speak to “Joe Schmoe”, and uses the phonebook search to search for ‘Joe’, I would like the search to only find the internal extension of Joe Schmoe, not Joe Smith in the Asterisk Phonebook.

There is a module that you can use to control what entries are in the “directory”. I have used it to limit which extension are in the search.

Which module are you referring to? Directory Pro?

I found the problem. I was confusing the Asterisk Phonebook with custom built directories. Everything is working great now.