Limited number of SIP trunks?


I want ask, how much Sip trunks it’s possible to create? Is there any limitation? On the trixbox forums is a topic that indicate the limit to 90 trunks…

998, if I remember… for each sip, zap or iax table. When u add a trunk, one of these tables will be filled with 9999xxx for PEER details, and 9999999XXX for USER details. So, we can register maximum 999 trunk. And if it’s too few, we can expand the id column for each tables.
Can we reach such big configuration file?

Strange then, because i can’t add more than 90 sip trunks. I can supose that trixbox made some modifications, but this is unlikely. I use TB 2.6.1, i know they make a fork of freepbx, but i don’t think they make too many changes, and limit the number of sip trunks.
On creating of 91’st trunk, TB give the error:

DB Error: already exists

INSERT INTO sip (id, keyword, data, flags) values (‘999991’,?,?,‘1’)

Maybe someone can help? The funny part is what i need just 2 more trunks :frowning: and get this trouble…

Tnx in advance