Limitations of this software

I was looking at the freepbx system status page and noticed that there seems to be limitations to the server/program. like the max number of devices or FreePBX Connections says currently 2/4. What exactly are all the limitations of this software?

What Version of Freepbx/Asterisk, and where is that showing up?


I believe you are looking at how many connected devices there are versus the maximum devices defined. If you have 4 devices defined and only two are currently connected (registered with the server) then the status page will show 2/4. I think this changed with more recent versions in that it only shows a number for connected devices and the green bar shows a relative graphic of how many that number is as compared to the total number defined. Just a guess as I only used a version earlier than 2.10 for a short while for a proof of concept.


I think you’re right.


so where at would i change the number of outgoing lines incoming lines and connected devices. i have the latest freepbx distro

and this green bar and limitations showed up on first log in before i started adding my ip phones.

Outgoing lines and incoming lines are dependent on your provider. We do not restrict a single thing. If the provider allows you to make 2 concurrent calls then it will automatically work without you having to change anything in FreePBX. If they upgraded that to 4 concurrent calls then you still wouldn’t have to change anything. Your provider will be the one to block calls.

Again FreePBX has no restrictions. Please don’t refer to them as limitations, They are not limitations they are a representation of what you have setup and used in your system. The graphic can be confusing to first time users such as yourself.