Limit trunk to 1000 calls

Hi people…

I have 3 different carriers with 3 E1.

How can i limit each trunk to 1000 calls because those are free, so i want use another trunk when reach 1000 calls and use another trunk.

That is not a standard requirement for most users, but you could write a custom outbound route that would interrogate via a mysql query into your previous usage after your last billing cycle on any particular tyrunk and then allow or deny each trunk. I’m sure our sponsors “paid support” could do that for you if it is above your pay-grade.

The third party module, Trunk Balancing does exactly this and much more:

No support here, post issues to the tracker on github.

How do you get 1000 channels out of three E1C’s? Assuming you are running NFAS 31+32+31=94 channels.

And for the folks who said E1 is not standard, it is outside US.

And I consider it a “standard” for connecting to PBXs if they support El, 30 beats 23 even in the States

No channels, calls in total in a week or 2 weeks, calls registered in a trunk…

I have 1000 calls free with a carrier, so when i reach that 1000 calls i want out by other trunk.

Your module is excellent…very good, but…its only for sip and iax2 trunk?

My trunks are dahdi. (ISDN PRI and R2)

You can use this module to limit dahdi trunks by channel but not by group. If you see any notes stating it only works with sip/lax it is out of date.

Got it