Limit outbound routes for certain extensions


I use freepbx for a multibrand company. I have created 3 outbound routes:
If you dial 1* you use the CID of brand A
If you dial 2* you use the CID of brand B
If you dial 3* you use the CID of brand C
If you just dial you use a hidden CID.

We have some people that allowed to dial only for a specific brand, and other that can use all routes.
Is there a way to allow certain extension groups (2xx,3xx) to only allow specific routes, without the use of passwords?

Also, some people are always dialing for a specific brand, so I don’t want them to select a route. In that case, could I force them to use the hidden route, and set the brand CID on the extension?


Hmm, apparently there is an extension to do this:

I guess you can do this also with this one:

With, CoS, could I also limit local extensions? For example, I don’t wat 201 be able to call 305.

In each outboute route set the cid option after your prefix and dial pattern to the one that you allow, the rest of the extensions will be denied and failover to the rest. You can use a pattern like 2XX.