Limit on outbound calls

I am using three Vegastream Europa gateways with my freepbx system.

The gateways are an 8 channel, 4 channel Bri and one 4 fxo unit.

I have an outbound rule which uses both bri units. This works just fine but is limited to just 4 concurrent calls whether inbound or outbound. Can you please tell me where I can look to change such a 4 call limitation

in the trunk config, (trunk module)

Can you please explain further??

you need to get the feel of the interface by playing around with it. You have a very high posted question count for a new person. Some of your posts are very good questions (sorry I have not done BRI) and some like your statement directly above seem to be because you just don’t want to look around and figure it out, but want to be spoon feed.

While we all wish we could be spoon feed, but 98% of all answered questions come from people like me who happen to be users of the system (not developers). I help where I can, when I can, but I’m a IT guy who used to manage a POC AT&T phone system that just had to go so I have a real job that has to come first. We were also new at some point, we just took the time to play with it enough to learn where things are (many also start with a distro which might have had a dummies guide written to help along). But so that you know There is a whole section on this website with documentation. I’d recommend you start at the top of that section and work down. Yes it is not perfect or as complete as many of us would like but it is clearly better then nothing. Next would be to search this site with key words and see what comes up as some of your questions have been asked and answered many time over.

To answer your question:
In the admin gui on the left hand side find “Trunks” (it’s under the setup tab in case you selected tools), it’s right under “Outbound rules”.

FYI: even if you have a hand built system the Dummies guides are great reading as they give you a excellent overview on how to put stuff together to make it work no matter what you are actually running. So do a google search for “trixbox complete setup guide”, "newbies guide asterisk/trixbox/freepbx/elastix/etc., “asterisk without tears” (yes this will also show up as trixbox and or @home), or go visit has some very well written guides on building your first system. They have become my favorite new distro for when I need a distro. and www. are other great sites.

Good luck learning.

dear fskrotzki

I applologize. Didn’t realize I was bothering you. I am aware of the max setting on the trunks page but thought that this was a reference to some other setting somewhere else.

I have been trying various ip PBX solutions and have now settled on this. The documentation references you sent will surely help too.


You are not bothering me or others here.

But you will find that new people who suddenly post many questions where some of them are clearly new user questions and they have not taken the time to do some basic research will get ignored. So I mentioned it as I’d hate to see that happen to you, as you do have one real good question out there that nobody is answering, I don’t know the answer to it either sorry.


Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been travelling. And which question may that be please? I have solved all my issues and now have a 100% working system (possibly I now know the answer)