Limit on inbound rules

Hello Community

Some general questions:

  1. Is there a physical limit on the number of inbound rules that can be created?
  2. The more inbound rules you create, does it have an impact on the performance? Or not really?
  3. Lets assume I create 1000 inbound rules, but then we need to delete 500 (where the 500 are not in sequence). Is there a way to delete them programmatically or we would need to delete them one by one? (Search for did and delete?)

Thank you

  1. FreePBX does not have a hard limit, but there may be a maximum where things stop working. I touched a system this week with 800ish and there was no issue.
  2. It will affect apply config/reload times, but I would not expect it to substantially affect call handling.
  3. There is a script here you can use/modify to delete inbound routes from the command line:

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