Limit of voice message space


What is the limit of voice message per message and global (for all messages)?
I mean: maximum minutes of voice message, or maximum messages, maybe size space and etc…
I need to know per message and global (for all messages)?
Also, How it’s possible to increase limit ?

Not that I know of.

Good point, But there is no other limit’s except maximum messages ?

Sorry I don’t know, why would anyone want 9999 messages in any particular box?

I work with Distro PBX.
I look on Voicemail Administration -> System Settings.
There is value maxmsg.
I read explanation (put mouse on ?), and i see:
Maximum number of messages per folder. If not specified, a default value (100) is used. Maximum value for this option is 9999.
It’s mean i can enable maximum 9999 messages or it’s still be maximum 1000 ?

Max messages per box is 1000 but by default it is set to 100 ref:-

you can also set other limits there but apart from the 1000 messages per box there are no limits but your storage.