Limit number of connection

Dear all
I installed elastix and configured. Everything working fine. But I found that one extension (or user)can login simultaneously from different devices. For example. user1 can connect to server using Laptop and same time from mobile device or any other devices.
I want to limit number of connection to the client. Client should connect only one device.
How to configure it ? Any suggestion ?
Thank you in advance.

We don’t support Elastix, it’s not genuine FreePBX. They have their own support forums.

If you want FreePBX support you need to use our stuff.

I assume your question pertains to the SIPStation service and not a “sip station”

With this service authentication is not IP based but rather based on authentication. So if a user has the credentials they may authenticate. If two clients are trying to register they will likely fight over the registration so it is best to keep it locked in to one client.