Limit incoming calls on trunk per DID or hunt group


I was wondering if there’s way to limit incoming calls per DID or perhaps a hunt group ?
Thanks for any lead on this.


Look at the hover-over help for your trunk’s “maximum channels” setting.

thanks dicko

the hint says
"Controls the maximum number of outbound channels (simultaneous calls) that can be used on this trunk. To count inbound calls against this maximum, use the auto-generated context: from-trunk-sip-Flowroute Trunk as the inbound trunk’s context. (see extensions_additional.conf) Leave blank to specify no maximum."

then here

guy says he solved it by

in the trunk settings i set maximum channels 8

in PEER Details
changed context to "context=from-trunk-sip-voipms"
then i added “call-limit=8”

my trunk PEER details alread has

do i change it to

context=from-trunk-sip-Flowroute call-limit=8

I will test it tom just wanted to see if my formatting is correct

probably a conflict there if you need to strip the initial + so modify your new and relocated [custom-from-pstn-e164-us] to cover that needed exit point as appropriate.

so i can only choose one of the two but not both ?

Hehe, an incoming route with two destinations? how would it know which one ? :slight_smile: , My best answer would be for you to start RTFMing to handle your compounded “out of the ordinary” use case.

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lol yup i need to RTFM a bit, just figured someone already bumped into this and had a solution :slight_smile: thanks for the help dicko. this forum is really responsive nonetheless.

A good MTFR is /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf, specifically :-

cat /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf|grep -A 18 e164

look at the last extension in that context, consider an appropriate edit as a possible solution. Bearing in mind (your hopefully previously absorbed)

head -34 /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

Don’t want to mess with these settings on a live system. Especially if it involves edits beyond what can be done via GUI :slight_smile: I may have to test it on a separate vm. Thanks for the pointers dicko!

They are not really “settings”, just legitimate dialplan modifications fully within the FreePBX ecosystem much as your “context=from-pstn-e164-us” mod was, Maybe put in a “feature request” with FreePBX if you are currently self-limited to the GUI.

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