Limit inbound calls via CLID

I am looking to limit inbound calls to a DID to one for each specific CLID I specify on the inbound routes. Is there any way to do this?

There’s a CID entry just for that in inbound routes.


I think maybe I need to explain a little better, or maybe I am missing a setting somewhere…

Say I have a DID of 604-222-3333 and I create an inbound rule that has Caller ID Number 604-555-1234, and DID Number 604-222-3333 and terminate it to a DISA or callback.

Now the person who has the number 604-555-1234 can call and access the service, if he knows the security access codes.

Let’s say he has ten business lines all with the CLID of 604-555-1234, and I want to prevent him from accessing my system for more than one concurrent call? IE: I only want him to be able to place one call at a time to my service even though he may have access to 10 (or thousands) of lines with the correct CLID information being used to route the call.

I would think you could create a special trunk that duplicates your primary outbound trunk, except set the number of outbound channels to 1.

Now use the outbound routes command to point to that trunk.