Limit Extension Registration to Local Lan

In Chan_SIP I could prevent registration from outside the local lan

However the similar option in PJSIP prevents all other extensions on the local registering.

Is there no longer a method with PJSIP to prevent external registration on a extension by extension basis?

The “extension” version of Match(Permit) should do what you are looking for. The system is “deny by default” generally, so the Permit line should (once again, at the Extension) allow you to tie these down as tight as you’d like.

Typically, we allow the Integrated Firewall to handle this - we only allow connections from certain Internet addresses (your ITSP, for example) to connect to your defined SIP port. Local connections are not restricted since they are generally considered Local (which the firewall allows by default).

I have tried the “extension” version of Match(Permit)" settings.

If I set them as I did for Chan_Sip to then that is the only extension on the system that can be registered to, in chan_Sip it just prevented any IP outside 192.168.61. from registering so it no longer provides a solution.

I don’t use the firewall, the system is behind a router and NAT and I have not had the need for it.

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