Limit concurrent access to voicemail box

Hi there!

I have a client where two users are monitoring a mailbox throughout the day. There have been times where both users have accessed the mailbox at the same time, and ended up calling the person back twice.

Is there anyway to limit how many users can access a certain mailbox at a time?

Not without writing custom code.

Have you submitted a feature request?

There is a paid commercial module that fills this requirement:

I currently have this module on there. I am unable to see how this module would restrict the users from checking the voicemail at the same time.

They are checking this mailbox as they can, during times where they are not working with their own clients. They do not want their extension to ring, only have the calls go to voicemail.

I have not yet submitted a feature request. I wanted to see if I was missing an option somewhere that would restrict this.