Limit channels per DDI

I have the following setup;

  • a single trunk with 20 channels
  • 5 locations with their own DDI (5 DDIs)

Is it possible to limit each DDI to only use 4 channels so each location will always have a 4 channels available?

Hello @nabberuk,

You can send the calls of each DID to a custom dialplan that will count the channels on the channel group and hangup the call on the 5th call.

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

There’s a “Custom Destinations” commercial module that might do some of this. I’d call and talk to one of Sangoma’s pre-sales engineers. If you want to do it “on the cheap”, you could write your own code to do it.

I’ve spoken to our SIP supplier and they can provide a trunk per location, i’ll then configure the outbound route for each location.

Thanks for the replies.

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