Limit active call trough a specific queue

Hi, I can’t find answer to that question.

i have a IVR that go to different queues.
many extension are shared with different queues

example: key 1 - General Info - Ext. A B C
Key 2 - Covid info - Ext A B D

the too much inbound call to covid info, overload the extensions that can’t manage all the inbound calls to General info.

I d like to have a limit of active Call arrived to a specific queue. So first call pressed key 2, go to agents. Second call pressed key 2, waiting even if there are other agent free, to permit agents to answer also the other call from other queues. Any suggestion ? ( I m not expert, write like if I am 10 years old :smiley: ) . Thanks

Can you put all agents in all queues, with penalties, to create the answer preference you desire?

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