Licensing g729

Helo everybody i am installing the codec g729 for a client, we got the licence key for 30 channels and when i got the email y followed the steps of the readme got the file at /var/lib/asterisk/licenses that matches the information of the license purchased, however when i install the codec if I do load the module without restart i doesn’t show the codec on translations and in general asterisk acts bugy if i do ‘g729 show licenses’ wich yield no result or error or anything at all, when i do restart asterisk it loads but blocks all calls and refuses to work.

i am runing elastix 2.4 x64 distro,
the codec i load is codec_g729a-1.8.0_3.1.5-barcelona_64 wich is sugested by the benchg729 utility however i tried to load a couple of other versions as generic_64 with the same result.

this is the licence file i get
Product: G.729 Codec
Channels: 30
ExpDate: 2033-11-20
Host-ID: ae:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:Xx:xx:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
Signature: Yxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

adicionalmente los comandos g729 show version y g729 show hostid funcionan correctamente solo g729 show licenses no muestra respuesta alguna

You are in the wrong forum, you need either the elastix forum or the digium forum, we can help you with neither as we only help with legitimate FreePBX issues and Elastix just isn’t legitimatly FreePBX. Further, Digium g729 licensing works perfectly with FreePBX if you do it the digium way.