License question re: adding CPU cores

Say there’s a 4-core VM that is using a lot of CPU and could use a larger allocation from VMware - 2 more cores.

Will adding cores invalidate the licensing?

If so - If there are hardware resets remaining do we just need to reapply the deployment ID?

With the shift to ioncube in 16+, we’re not seeing many cases of the fingerprint changing like with Zend, but I’m not sure what will happen other specific scenario outlined.

If it does happen, you can do a self serve hardware reset if you have one free, otherwise a support ticket will do it.

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On FreePBX 15 we upped our cores from 2 - 32 and there was no issue.

On v15, I did a re-install of v15 from ISO (without changing any hardware), and it caused the system ID to change. Bare metal before and after. So the fingerprinting must be more than just hardware as well. Is that also the expected behavior? Or should I be able to reinstall like that without losing the system ID?

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