Libsangoma rbs signalling delay

I’m trying to find out if there’s anything in libsangoma related to RBS signalling that operates on a 1-second clock cycle. I have some software that detects push-to-talk via RBS SIG A and sends a short tone when the button is pressed or released. I’m seeing a 0.96sec - 1.04sec delay between toggling SIGA and receiving the tone. The delay in my software from detecting the SIGA to sending the tone is 0.01sec - 0.18sec, and is driven almost entirely by when the signal is received in the read/write cycle (user period is set to 90ms).
I’ve tried adjusting the rx/tx queue sizes and the RBS polling period with no effect. Is there anything else I can tweak to reduce this delay?

UPDATE: The problem appears to be in wanrouter, not libsangoma. Running the exact same tests using an older wanrouter produces delays of 0.14sec - 0.24sec. The old wanrouter version is, the new version is 7.0.25. Again, the new wanrouter is producing delays of 0.96sec - 1.04sec. Both versions are using

UPDATE 2: Tested several versions of wanrouter, and determined that the bug was introduced in 7.0.15. The rbs event polling is occurring at 1 second intervals, regardless of what you set it to in the call to sangoma_tdm_enable_rbs_events(). The event polling appears to work correctly in version 7.0.14.

How do you report a bug in the wanrouter software? I see a “Sangoma Feature Request” in the support portal, but I don’t see an option to report a bug.

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