Level 3 Wholesale Sip Trunk Not Working

We have been working with level 3 now for a little over 2 months trying to get this setup complete. We have had level 3 drop a 10mg fiber MPLS connection to our office with a WAN side subnet of /30, 1 IP on their edge router and 1 IP on our edge router. They also assigned us a /29 of IP adresses for us to configure our LAN side. We have an 1841 Terminating the MPLS and the LAN side handing out the assigined IPs from Level . We are using a test system running asterisk now version 11.9.0 and FreePBX framework of Level 3 has given us 4 trunks with 2 different services. The first trunk is the “LI” trunk which they are sending calls to and IP address that we have Virtually assigned to the ethernet port on asterisk. This trunk also has a failover server provided by Level 3.(Trunk # 2) The next trunk is an “ELS/EVT” trunk that terminates to a different virtual IP that we have assigned to the asterisk. This trunk also has a failover IP (Trunk # 4)
We are still working with them to get this working but as of now we cannot complete any calls nor does this trunk support registration.
@SkykingOH , I was hoping maybe you could shed some light on this issue as i read that you do have experience with LI sip trunk provided by Level 3.

LI is local interconnect, it’s virtual Tandem product for carrier from Level 3.

You are planning on using this in some sort of wholesale/carrier type environment? Just making call back and forth is not a big deal but if you are going to hand them off to another machine, that makes a difference.

Unless you are a very large company LI is not intended to be a end user product.

I do have extensive experience with integrating Asterisk and L3.

If you are interested in engaging me to work on your project (this is outside the scope of what Sangoma tech support offers) you can send me a PM with your contact information. We have experienced OTTS trained experts on our staff that can assist with project type scopes such as this.

Thanks for reaching out.


Yes we are a re-seller and right now we currently have 3 traditional PRIs. The LI trunk is only going to be used for DID numbers that will not be tagged with any E911 Services. All of our customers Main Numbers will come in through the ELS trunk and out throught the EVT trunk. Our goal is to get rid of the PRIs and just have the Sip trunks. Our end users are fine and we currently have them working properly. We are having an issue with using the Virtual Interfaces on the asterisk. When I try to make an inbound call, Level 3 sends it to a Virtual IP ( and when the asterisk responds, it send the physical IP ( of the interface causing the call not to complete. Is there a way to tell a specific trunk to reply with a specific IP address or interface?