LetsEncrypt & Ports?

Hello All,

Before using lets LetsEncrypt I was using a specific port for the admin web interface, lets say 777.
The purpose of this was to keep some of the script kiddies out.

When setting up Let’s LetsEncrypt we made sure LetsEncrypt was on port 80, and the admin port was on the same 777, however if I connect to 777 its not encrypted.
I thought we would still maintain the 777, but its feeling more like the browser doesn’t understand that, and only works 443. I really didn’t want to open 443, so is there anything else I can do to encrypt 777 and use that non-standard port securely?


Check what ports you have assigned to the different services under Admin → System Admin → Port Management.

You can set the HTTPs port to whatever you want, it doesn’t need to stay on 443.

You can’t ‘encrypt’ a port per se, you can enforce encryption on any protocol running on any port however, just have your ‘admin web interface’ , likely the directory /var/www/html/admin , listen only on https://your.domain.name:777 and ensure your web server knows where the certs are.

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OK, I was able to flip it around a bit instead of Admin insecure Port 777 and then secure port 443, put in insecure port of 443, and put secure port 777 and that did work… ( You have to FORCE it )
Interesting way to accomplish the goal.

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