LetsEncrypt DDNS Setup

I am setting up a new freepbx 16 system and attempting to use the built in ddns included with sysadmin pro to generate my letsencrypt certificate. I have set ddns to on and copied the address into my hostname and port management page. I also switched the LE port to be on port 80. I have made a rule in my sonicwall to allow port 80/443 traffic to the lan ip of my freepbx system.


You have a reply from your firewall there. Have you opened port 80/TCP on your firewall to accept the LE challenge?

Yes I have.

It may not be properly configured, correctly routed to the PBX’s private IP or is only allowing a subset of IPs which is not recommended.

I have it configured to go directly to the servers ip. I used the wizard in sonicwall to create the rules. Couldn’t find any guides online for sonicwalls exact configuration for letsencrypt/freepbx.

Now I seem to be having a different problem and I’m getting the error.

  • lechecker: Pest_Curl_Exec - Operation timed out after 30001 milliseconds with 0 out of -1 bytes received

Is the DDNS resolving the correct public IP for the PBX? Just to rule out an issue there. Change the hostname on the server (SysAdmin > Hostname) equals to the DDNS domain name and try again.

Yes I do believe it is resolving correctly. I have the hostname set as the DDNS domain name already.

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