LetsEncrypt Cert Expired - Didnt Update Again

So I opened a thread about this very issue back on 1/19/23 here which has since closed and never got any official response…

Again, my LE Cert was going to expire in 9 days… Wasnt updating. I went to Certificate Management, opened my LE Cert and Clicked Update Certificate. Yes, port 80 is open, it automatically renewed for years without issue until January 2023… It still hasnt updated automatically since then.

Im on fully updated version 16… When I clicked Update Certificate in Certificate Management, I could see my FreePBX Static LAN IP open up port 80 in my router and reach out to a public IP address, but it still wouldnt update.

Again, I was able to update it from the CLI successfully by running fwconsole certificates --updateall and it is now fully updated.

Why is LE automatic renewals not working???

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Maybe a better location to put this is at https://issues.freepbx.org/

With the above description. I would like to report that I am also experiencing the same inconsistency across multiple systems and my workaround is to simply run the fwconsole command remotely through ssh on the systems that I need them to stay updated for now.

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