Lets Encrypt - token not available


I’m trying to generate a Let’s Encrypt certificate and I keep getting a “token not available” error.

I’m using FreePBX v13.0.197.

I’ve set the Admin port to other than 80 and turned on LetsEncrypt Port 80 in System Admin-Ports. Using the Reactive Firewall and confirmed that the LetsEncrypt.org and freepbx.org are whitelisted.

The hostname is correctly set to the FQDN.

When I try the URL that is listed in the error message it comes up immediately. I can access it from the remote PC I’m using to do all of this along with another remote machine I tested from.

I have Certificate Manager 13.0.39 installed.

What am I missing?


Never mind.

There was another block someplace on my network firewall that was blocking it. Explicitly opened up port 80 to all FORWARD traffic and certificate installed fine.

Good to know it’s working, but the tool tip in certman is stale, LE verification can come from any host now, not just the ones listed. You need to open the LE verification port to the internet zone.

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