Let's Encrypt - Host name vs WAN IP


Agree, but it is cumbersome for a one-off cert need. And the GUI integration is convenient.

Maybe more than the phone home and uselessness of the FreePBX check, the bigger annoyance is the extra needless dependency for system level functions on a mirror that Sangoma can’t even hit a “two 9’s” level of service with. Go back and review the forum complaints about the mirror being down.


FYI, you’ll eventually see an error about a signature check failure for the certman module. Either self-sign the certman module or disable signature checking if it annoys you.


If you file a report (PLEASE DO), post a link to the bug report here so others can follow and comment.


True, no gooey, also true it’s a one off solution but using:-

it’s easily automated for 100+ name service providers trivially and no longer needs any further attention, neither does it need ignoring warnings about ‘integrity of module’

But most of all a likely solution for this OP’s problem.


I went ahead and opened a bug report:

(Mvogel4949) #25

I was hoping to find time this weekend to open the ticket. I appreciate your help on this and I know I’ll use the solution as will others in the future. Thanks for sticking with it and me!


No problem.

The LetsEncrypt stuff is on my mind at the moment.

I had posted a script to another forum to automatically open up the iptables for certman letsencrypt if not using the Distro and/or not using the FreePBX firewall module. I recently found an issue with it and am about to post an update.

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