Let's encrypt certificates broken in PBX distro stable

I have been testing with the new beta version and I noticed that the let’s encrypt certificate issuer was broken. This seems to have been fixed late last week with the update to certman (managed to request a certificate succesfully) but at the same time it seems to have broken in the stable release - when I try to issue a certificate I have an error in “/var/www/html/admin/modules/certman/vendor/analogic/lescript/Lescript.php:77” with the error message “Using $this when not in object context”

  1.           array("resource" => "new-authz", "identifier" => array("type" => "dns", "value" => $domain))
  2.      );
  3.        if(empty($response['challenges'])) {
  4.            throw new \RuntimeException("HTTP Challenge for $domain is not available. Whole response: ".json_encode($response));
  5.        }
  6.        $challenge = array_reduce($response['challenges'], function($v, $w) { return $v ? $v : ($w['type'] == $this->challenge ? $w : false); });
  7.        if(!$challenge) throw new \RuntimeException("HTTP Challenge for $domain is not available. Whole response: ".json_encode($response));


This was fixed last week and pushed to stable then.

yes, and it fixed the issue of certificates in the beta version - but I cant issue them in the stable version now, it seems like the fix to the beta broke it in the current stable.

Do you mean edge?

I mean in the current stable release of freePBX 10.13.66-32bit.

I reinstalled both the beta and stable last week (about the same time when the fix was being issued) and once I installed the update to certman i was able to issue a certificate correctly in the beta version (was giving me an error before)

But now when I try to issue it in the stable distro it gives me the error on the OP (i used to have a letsencrypt certificate so i know it was working).

I have two different stable versions installed now and I get the same error in both when trying to install the letsencrypt certificate.

fwconsole ma upgrade certman --edge

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Yep, that does it! Many thanks for the prompt help!