Leaving a message then returning to IVR via VMX Locator

Hello Everyone,

I have a set up where I want to be able to leave a msg in a user’s mailbox, then once I finished the message be able to return to the IVR.

It’s currently working where you press # after leaving the message, that will bring you back to the users vm, then you can press 0 to return to the IVR. The amount of time required for this to work is too long. Which is understandable. It’s two different aspects of the pbx. You have to press # in the message to return to the MB then in the MB you have to press 0 to return to the IVR. So with that I have two questions

  1. Is there a way to adjust the time between # and 0.


  1. Is there another way of returning to the IVR while leaving a message in someones MB?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.