Learning FreePBX Using Residential SIP Provider

I’ve just started learning the details of VOIP. I currently have a VOIP line at home provided by 1-VOIP and had the idea maybe I could stand up a FreePBX server and have it use 1-VOIP as my outside line and if calls come in, FreePBX could handle them as IVR or forward directly to an extension like a DID. What I’m finding though is all the config guides are for trunks, and I think what I have is not a SIP “trunk” since it is only a single phone number. Or maybe it is technically a trunk with only 1 phone number? I’m not sure. I do connect to the provider with SIP server name which is a public IP, username, and password. Softphones connect to the provider fine, but I’m not sure how to adapt the FreePBX config instructions to what I have. Anyone have some guidance for me?

That’s pretty likely. The phone number is roll in from the Trunk to your Inbound Route for processing. Set up the trunk with the same credentials as your stand-alone phones.

Oh yeah - one other thing. Most providers like this disallow Asterisk to connect, so you might run into that.

Interesting. Should I use chansip or pjsip. Where can I find a log to tell if it connected or got blocked? How can the provider tell if it’s Asterisk… maybe there is some header sent with the connection request?

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