Learning About Accounts

Does anyone have a link explaining the “account” breakdown (account1, account2, account3, etc.)? I initially thought these were supposed to be the equivalent of a line placement on a device, but I think I’m wrong.

Thanks, in advance.

  • G. Deward

Of which “account” to you refer, there are several. It is always requested that you post exactly what you have and how you have it, (software, hardware, OS, method of installing, etc.) because we have no mindreaders here, it will be necessary for you to be absolutely clear about of what you speak to save you and us time.

He is talking about the account field in the EPM.

Hehe , apparently we do have a mindreader here. Go for it Scott . . .

I don’t use them. Have wondered what they did. Not enough to see if there is anything on it in the commercial EPM docs.

I should have directed the OP direct their attentions to that document is we are talking about the same thing.

An account is what most phones call a registration. Basically a extension in EPM maps to an account on a device. Then in the template for each line button you can define what account it uses.