Leading Zero Missing from Caller Line Identity

I have a Sangoma Vega 200G ISDN-SIP Gateway connected to PBXact with a SIP trunk and the caller’s telephone number is missing the leading zero. There are many very similar posts about this issue but none have an actual step by step fix.

From the other posts it looks like I need to get the inbound trunk to go through a custom dialplan prepend a zero if necessary but none of the replies actually say how to do this. If this is the only approach then can you please tell me:

  1. How do I direct a trunk to a custom configuration from Modules->Trunks->MYTRUNKNAME
  2. How do I create a custom dialplan to prepend the zero if it’s missing? I can see examples of dialplan script in the forum but not where I actually type this in the PBXAct web GUI.

I have PBXact v14.0.13.26.


Have you seen this thread Vega 100G missing first letter of inbound CNAM

Interesting. No, I hadn’t seen that one and my E1/T1 option for Network Protocol is also set to ‘auto’ but the only other options I have are etsi, qsig, vn, cas-r2, and arinc. I guess I’d have to ask the ISDN suppliers which one it should be for their circuits.

I’m not able to make changes to this setting at the moment due to the workload we’re handling 24/7 so I might be stuck with having to add a custom dialplan to make PBXact account for the error. I’m just not clear on exactly how to set that up in PBXact. I’m fine with Asterisk dialplan configuration, I just don’t know how to apply that knowledge to PBXact without breaking things.

If anyone is looking for something similar in the future, I’ve got a somewhat working solution with some caveats:

Go to Modules > Applications : Set Caller ID

Create a “Set CID” for each one of your queues

Description: SomeNameHere
CallerID Name: 0${CALLERID(num)}
CallerID Number: 0${CALLERID(num)}
Destination: Queues>TheQueueToGoTo

I don’t like this solution because it has these problems:

  • If the Caller Identity already begins with a zero it will still prepend another
  • If the Caller Identity is an international number this will prepend a zero so might break it anyway
  • In my example I overwrite the name so that it displays on the phone with the leading zero but this could cause problems if anything depends on the name further down the line

The forums have many posts with people asking how to manipulate the caller ID so perhaps Sangoma could make a Wiki article explaining the proper way to do this?

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