LDAP user groups

When i sync FreePBX 14 with an OpenLDAP server (on Ubuntu Linux 16.04.1) i get all the users and i get all the groups but ONLY the primary group shows up in the “User Manager” and i am unable to edit the field - is this by design?

Explain unable to edit the field.

Hi Andrew.

The groups field in the “Edit User” page only shows the primary group for the user and not any of the other groups that the user is in that the LDAP import found. I have secondary groups (in LDAP) which i would like to use for control of abilities / facilities in FreePBX. Does the fact that the secondary groups are not shown in the “Edit User” page mean they are unavailable for management use? though the imported LDAP “Users” are show in the “Edit Group” window, i was expecting to have the secondary groups to show up in the “Edit User” window.

With the LDAP users and groups - members and groups are “geyed” out and un-changeable - i assumed this was because this is a one way sync.

With the groups and priority - are the groups settings cumulative with the last group setting definitive or does it just take the highest priority (lowest number) group settings and apply that set only?

EDIT - “edit the groups field” i guess i was trying to see/add the secondary groups to the LDAP import users.