Ldap user group to ring groups

I am starting to create a fresh FreePBX - I have the guts of it in place - we are using OpenDirectory from our server to create users and groups, all going pretty well so far, users and extensions working to plan but I am not sure if I can somehow populate ring groups from my synced LDAP groups, it would be very useful for us to do this.

While it might not seem like much, I’m not sure anyone has ever asked for that. It would surprise me if it was something that was already in place, simply because LDAP and Asterisk really serve different audiences.

But ring groups are a simple database entry.

So you could write a script to read your directory structure and create/update the ring groups.

Jared, yes, i was thinking about that, are you aware of any template code or example that i might use as a starting point. It would make centralising our admin so much easier, i am much more admin than programmer so would appreciate any pointers.

ACTUALLY, i just noticed there is an API in FreePBX 15… lots of interesting stuff in #15 i will upgrade and see what can be done in there.

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