LDAP sync modify existing extension name

I am currently using ldap sync to create missing extensions and then link them to User Manager which is working great. This will enable the user to log into UCP to make a phone call, check voicemails, etc.

My issue is when I have a user changes extension, I can change the AD account ipphone to new extension which will link the extension to the new user manager account but it will not change the name on the extension itself.

For example, x1000 John Smith linked to jsmith but if jsmith leaves and Jane Doe takes over the extension. I will simple clear iiphone in AD for jsmith and added x1000 jdoe profile in AD, but the extension is Freepbx name will not change. The x1000 will be linked to jdoe account that part is working fine. I will then have to change the name manually in Freepbx to Jane Doe.

Is there a way to have ldap change the name on the extension as well? I have been using bulk import to change the name for extension but it would be more convenient to do it in one spot rather than two.

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