LDAP Sync Errors


Have been trying to set up LDAP sync with FreePBX, but we keep getting a “Can’t contact LDAP server” no matter what we try it keeps saying that error. It is running version FreePBX Have checked the base DN multiple times and spent quite a few hours messing with it. I am sure that it has the hosts, username, password, domain, and correct base DN, but still nothing. I am able to ping the LDAP servers from the PBX machine and traffic is flowing between them. Any ideas why it keeps saying it can not contact?

Picture of the error message:

If I’m not mistaken, LDAP (without encryption) runs on 389 so I would expect yours to be running on a different port. Check what the correct port should be on your AD server (default is 636). Start there and then check some logs in the DC side to find out if it’s an auth thing.

We use STARTTLS on the LDAP server which uses port 389. I checked the logs on the DC and it says a successful login, group membership, and logout, but then PBX still says: “Can’t contact LDAP server” It looks like it should work but there is something that is making it fail.

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