LDAP Issues

Hi guys,

Im new to this whole LDAP on freePBX. i have this issue where everytime i try to input the credentials im getting it keeps saying invalid credentials.

Im trying to sync up my Google LDAP to FreePBX. am i doing something wrong? or is this just not compatible?


I know nothing about this, but AFAIK with Google LDAP, a client certificate is mandatory, and FreePBX LDAP does not support client certificates.

The workaround as described in the document you linked is to use stunnel as a proxy, which should not be hard to set up. However, it appears that you have not yet done so.

This is supported by the library used and would probably be a good feature request. It would also be a simple community contribution as you essentially need to copy some files and change a few lines…

$ad = new \Adldap\Adldap();

// Create a configuration array.
$config = [  
    'hosts'    => ['ldap.google.com'],
    'base_dn'  => 'dc=your-domain,dc=com',
    'use_tls' => true,
    'version' => 3,
    'schema' => Adldap\Schemas\GSuite::class,
    'custom_options' => [
        LDAP_OPT_X_TLS_CERTFILE => 'Google_2023_02_05_35779.crt',
        LDAP_OPT_X_TLS_KEYFILE => 'Google_2023_02_05_35779.key', 

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