LDAP integration

Hi, I’m trying to sync my FreePBX v15.0.17.24 with LDAP.

I went to User management -> Directories -> Add

marked OpenLDAP Directory and started.


Bind DN or Username : CN= ,OU= ,DC=, DC=

Password: ‘’

Base DN: same as 'Bind DN or Username"

User DN: DC=, DC=

Group DN: CN=, OU, DC=, DC=

I’ve already integrated other services with the LDAP using these credentials such as Grafana, Apache superset so they aren’t wrong.

After Submit I can see the ‘Connected’ status inside this menu, but when I use the command fwconsole userman --syncall --force --verbose I receive the status ‘No users found! Perhaps your query is wrong’ ?

How can I do this integration successfully?

Also, I don’t know how LDAP integration works, would all users sync in user management after successful sync? and how the provisioning works after that?

Try with chaging ‘Base DN’ to a group/OU that’s higher on the hierarchy then sync them again.


Just tried and it’s the same. I think the problem is with the other configuration like user object class, object filter, identifier attribute, etc… but still, IDK what to try.

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