Latest Release and Adtran TA900 Configurations

I am trying to get the latest release to work with an Adtran 900 series.

I have switched chan_sip to port 5060 and chan_pjsip to 5160

I created a chan_sip extension
user extension: 1005
secret: <some 6 alphanumeric string>
Display Name: Line 1

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On the Adtran:

voice trunk T01 type sip
description “SIP_2_FXS_FPBX”
sip-server primary
registrar primary
codec-list g711 both

voice grouped-trunk ROUTING
description “Sip from FPBX to FXS ports”
trunk T01
accept $ cost 1

voice user 2001
connect fxs 0/1
first-name “Line”
last-name “1”
sip-identity 1005 T01 register auth-name “1005” password encrypted “randomstring”

when I try to register the user, I get a 401 unauthorized when running a tcpdump


nevermind, I figured it out.

I had a SIP ACL still being applied in the Adtran’s config. I thought it was disabled but for some reason ( human error, obviously ) it was still being applied. Once that was updated, all started working.

I was able to identify this not by the configs but rather running sngrep on the server and I was not seeing any auth lines on the registration. I then ran the debug sip stack messages on the adtran and noticed it was only one way stack messages to freepbx. This lead me back to the ACL lines in the config and noticed my oops.


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