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Upcoming Events

FreePBX Announcements

SIPStation continues to add additional Functionality to your FreePBX trunking service

    • New SIPStation module for FreePBX

Astricon 10

UPCOMING EVENTS- Join us in Atlanta October 8-10th, 2013 at the Renaissance Waverly Place Hotel and Convention Center for the 10th anniversary of Astricon! the Asterisk Open Source Conference and Expo

This year the FreePBX Project will be a gold sponsor of Astricon and FreePBX Lead Developer, Philippe Lindheimer, will be participating in a keynote with Mark Spencer, the creator of Asterisk and Founder of Digium, on Wednesday starting at 9:15 AM titled “Asterisk: Views from the Community Front Line”, as well as many of the developer sessions, and the Asterisk Based Distro Session starting at 2:25 PM on Wednesday.

The FreePBX/ Schmooze team will also be present on the exhibit floor, and at many of the sponsored networking events, as well as a few after hours networking events.

If you wish to schedule a dedicated time to speak with our team in Atlanta, please fill out our online contact form and we can arrange a meeting.

SIGN UP TO ATTEND ASTRICON WITH THE PROMO CODE: ACPBX13 To receive a 20% discount on your event passes!

OTTS Training Logo

UPCOMING EVENTS- OTTS Training & the Certified Reseller Program

With the recent addition of full time training staff we can now schedule training events more often and at more locations making it easier for you to schedule a session nearby. If you are looking for a great FreePBX training experience sign up for early bird pricing for our November 4-7th training at the Digium Headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama, or any of the other dates and times below!

Nov  4-7, 2013Huntsville, AL    Early Bird pricing available, act now!

Dec  9-12, 2013Las Vegas, NV

Jan   13-16, 2014Naples, FL

Feb 10-13,2014Huntsville, AL

Mar   10-13, 2014Las Vegas, NV

Everything that you will learn is completely applicable to all recent versions of FreePBX, and all FreePBX Based Distributions!  Learn More…

Certified Reseller Program

All resellers of FreePBX and PBXact are now required to attend OTTS to obtain their Certified Reseller status. This program provides many incentives, as well as discounts on FreePBX hardware, commercial software and support. Learn More…

What’s Happening at FreePBX- Digium and Obihai added as a new Certified FreePBX Partner

 Digium Logo

The FreePBX Project has recently certified the Digium line of PSTN Cards, Gateways and phones as fully supported by the FreePBX EcoSystem.  This certification means that system integrators and users of these devices can purchase and install this hardware and expect full manufacturer support when using FreePBX.

Digium Phones, PSTN Cards and Gateways now available for purchase in the FreePBX Marketplace/portal.  

Digium PhoneDigium PSTN CardDigium Gateway

The full Digium Asterisk Hardware Product line is now available for purchase in the FreePBX Store.  Whether you need phones, PSTN cards, or Gateways you can pick them up directly in our portal.  FreePBX Appliances purchased with a compatible PSTN card will have the cards pre-installed prior to shipping.  You can view all available hardware options directly in the FreePBX Marketplace/Portal.

“FreePBX development is supported by the purchase of Hardware, Support and Commercial Modules from the FreePBX Portal, we are excited to add the full line of Digium PSTN cards, Gateways and Phones to our online store, purchasing your devices from FreePBX helps to keep the developers fed and the lights on, and ensure the continued development of not only the FreePBX Project, but provide a unique opportunity to also at the same time support Digium the creators and developers of Asterisk.” - Preston McNair - VP of Sales and Marketing, Schmooze Com/ FreePBX

Obihai Logo

OBIHAI technology has also had their devices certified with FreePBX, and they are also now compatible with the FreePBX End Point ManagerView all FreePBX Certified Partners…

VM Reports

Voicemail Reports Commercial Module Released for FreePBX:

Schmooze is excited to announce the new Voicemail Reports module for FreePBX!Call centers and businesses have long been utilizing call recording of queues and extensions to monitor employee’s calls and customer service levels, but a missing component was the ability to easily listen to voicemail messages left for internal user’s extensions. This module adds a quick way for system administrators and managers to review and listen to all users messages from one report.  This can be useful for employee performance monitoring, and ensuring that voicemails are responded to in a timely manner.  

Voicemail Reports also adds the ability for a System Administrator to view and listen to all voicemail greetings and name recordings on the PBX, as well as the ability to quickly see which voicemail accounts have not completed the setup of Voice Mail Name, Greeting and email forwarding addresses.  This can save time during system setup and maintenance windows to ensure optimal performance and usage of voicemail services. LEARN MORE…

SIPStation releases updated module for managing your FreePBX trunking service

As we mentioned last month we have released our NEW FreePBX SIPStation module, the SIPStation module was already the easiest way to configure SIP Trunks with FreePBX, the updated module allows you to manage even more aspects of your service directly from within FreePBX including:

    • Managing Failover service on a per account or per DID basis we provide failover service to alternate phone numbers or IP addresses, you can modify these settings globally or at the DID level. If you would like IP address failover please contact our support department.

    • Assign Multiple e911 locations per account add additional e911 address locations to your account and assign them to a specific DID, you can also modify the e911 addresses directly within the module.

    • Expanded Destinations- the new module allows you to route a DID to any valid destination on your system, including IVR, ring groups or queues, allowing you to manage your inbound routes directly from the SIPStation module. Best of all, if you are using FreePBX 2.11 SIPStation now supports Destination Pop-Overs, meaning you can almost completely configure and setup your entire system without leaving the SIPStation configuration Module.

This new module removes the need of having to log into the SIPStation website to manage these settings as you can now make changes directly from within FreePBX! Learn More…

We will be looking forward to networking with and meeting many of you in Atlanta at Astricon!


The FreePBX and Schmooze Team!


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