Latest Module Upgrades broke interface :(

I just got notification of the latest updates to freepbx 10 - there were three relating to a new framework. (I cannot be more specific due the problem I am now having!)

I immediately installed the updates.

Since then, the chrome framework in pbx administrator is not working, and while I get a status page, all the links are old style hyperlinks and most of the ‘drop down’ links, while visible, are impossible to select (as they disappear as soon as you move the mouse off the top of the ‘tree’ in order to select one of the sub-tree links.

I have rebooted, and the problem remains.

Makes it rather difficult to work with!

any suggestions?

Sorry, I was too hasty with this post. I read some more posts from others with similar issues, and picked up a post from SkykingOh saying ‘all you had to do was apply config’.

I thought, but I haven’t changed the config… but what harm can it do?

I was able to click the ‘apply config’ link (which was a tiny blue hyperlink thingy and not looking anything like its usual red box ‘apply me now’ style of appearance, and, hey presto, the proper interface came back.

I don’t feel TOO stupid, as I did NOT make any config changes, so it was not (to me) an obvious thing to do. And it hasnt been needed in prior updates.