Latest Distro CallerID issues

So I just downloaded and installed the latest distro from and because I had modified my old install with lots of stuff I chose not to do a backup/restore I actually retyped all the extensions and everything else to set it back up… so two days later I have it up and running, but I have one issue that seems to be kicking me in the butt!. when we dial a number instead of it showing the phone number we called, it is showing our callerid on the phone. And when we call some people it shows up as all 0’s like 0000000000 instead of our callerID. Can someone point me in the right direction here? Thanks, Chase


The first issue issue can be fixed in the advanced settings. You may have to enable read only settings but the setting is called something like “show outbound caller ID”

The second issue has to be be a mis-configuration in the extension, outbound route, trunk or carrier.
Check that the CID field is set to <8005551234> for all of them.
Also make sure the trunk is not set as Intra-company.

Is this it? Display CallerID on Calling Phone
it is set to "Yes"
As far as the second issue, I should have mentioned, it only does it for some companies we call. for instance, if I call my cell from my work phone the correct CID shows up.

That is the correct setting.

Then something screwy is happening. Either you have something messed up in one of your outbound routes, check them all. Or your carrier isn’t liking something you’re sending. Post a long of a call that experiences this issue.

  1. turn off show caller id in advanced settings
  2. check with your provider on setting caller id for your phone number(s). most callers do a look up using the phone number you are passing and if the database they are using does not have anything you will get interesting results. often times you will see “voip caller” or sometimes the old value that was there for that number, or in your case all 0’s. most providers give you a way to set a caller id that they then pass on to the database providers.

The providers I contract with allow you to set your CNAME (Caller ID Name) and enter it into a publically accessible database. They charge extra for this, so I only set the DNAME information for the numbers I’ll be using for outbound calls only. Note that I have several incoming numbers that do not have CNAME information - they are sometime legacy numbers that I or one of my customers had or purchased as a business merger.

Thanks guys for the suggestions, I have turned off the “Display CallerID on Calling Phone” and that seems to fix issue 1.
and the next time I get someone to let me know what number they dialed, I’ll capture the log info, so you guys can see what is being transmitted.

check with your provider on the outbound caller id. posting logs here will do no good.

if it was a provider issue, wouldn’t it be happening every time?

it is not actually the provider, but at least one database that some telco uses for caller id is not up to date. however you have to initiate the update of the caller id database via your provider.

oh ok that makes total sense now… thanks!