Lastest upgrade

I just upgraded my modules and Now when I add in a new extension. It shows then disappears. It is still shown in /etc/asterisk/sip_additional.conf.

Please fix this.

Best Regards,

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What do you want help with. You have not explained the issue indepth, you have not provided reproducible steps, you have not provided what Distro, Asterisk and FreePBX Version you are using. You have not provided links to things like screen shots or apache logs. Not much any of us can do with out basic information like this.

I am using Elastic upgraded to FreePBX
Connected to Asterisk currently running on Elastix-1 (pid = 2635)

Through Module Administration I installed the upgraded modules today.

Now when I add in a new extension, it works for a few minutes then disappears in Freepbx.

I need all the help I can get.

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Was running V 2.10 on ASTERISK 1.8 / CENTOS with no problems until yesterday when I did a module update to latest versions - Now if I amend any extension and press summit the extension then disappears from the list of extensions -
If I set the extension up again all my previous setting re-appear .
Any body else have this problem ?

Asterisk 1.8 up to date and Freepbx 2.10 all the updates.

After the latest update was installed, when I make a change to an extension and then submit and Apply the change–then the extension disappears from freepbx list of extensions. I often will change the callerid or recently have added or removed extensions and this problem did not exist last week! After the apply is hit, the extension disappears from both Freepbx and FOP2.

I can also confirm this is problem exists
PBX Firmware:
PBX Service Pack:
Asterisk: 1-8.9.3

and can duplicate it every time. did not have this problem before the updates last night.

It seems to be a issue with something someone changed yesterday in FreePBX Core. Not sure what yet but almost all the Devs are off today and this weekend.

After upgrading FreePBX to was just such a picture
help me to fix it, thank you in advance.
Sorry for my English.

From me to you!

Thank you, you did a wonderful job. It seems to be working just fine. Have a nice weekend.


Everyone thank you so much!
Proved to be a strange thing.
After updating the missing directories ./admin/cdr and ./admin/common
After recovery from the archive and re-update the corresponding modules, everything is normal!