Last Reload: 0 minutes

Hi All,

And I’m a newbie so would like to introduce myself, Brian from Dublin Ireland trying my best to push open source telephony in dublin!

I was about to ask for advice about a small but annoying issue. In the FreePBX system status on a fresh install I’m getting Last Reload: 0 Minutes. I’ve checked all Asterisk logs and it’s not restarting constantly or anything… I’m on Debian lenny with Asterisk 1.4.21 and FreePBX 2.4.1

But as I was writing this I updated core to and it seems to have fixed it! So if anyone is having this issue update to the latest version of FreePBX available!!


FYI. The problem still exists when upgrading to 2.4.1 and even 2.5 beta. For me on reboot the problem begins and resolves itself once I force a reload. The problem then occurs sporadically.

Is anyone else experiencing these problems? I am concerned about the integrity and longevity of my current system. I re-installed on a test box and received the same behavior.

Everything seems to running fine aside from this.

Please post your system spec’s… asterisk ver, build info or distro, etc.

have you checked after it say’s there is a problem that the asterisk process it’s self has not restarted? You can do that with:
ps -ef | grep -U \ asterisk

Check that the asterisk process has not restarted. If so then it’s not liking something so dies and the safe_asterisk process is restarting asterisk to keep the phone system up.