Large number of voicemail boxes and memory usage

If I have 1000 extensions would they take up any more memory usage if they were created as sip versus custom (voicemail only)?

If so why?

Thank you

a voicemail box is it’s own thing, it has nothing to do with the type of device that it may be associated with, so it does not care.

thank you for answering this thread

ok the title is incorrect

if I have already created 1000 extensions with voicemail and purely using it for the use of voicemail voicemail would there be any performance increases if I had just created voicemail only?

you have a lot of dialplan loaded you don’t need - if all you want are vm boxes, just create them manually in the voicemail.conf file.

well I have a script to create them and I was just wondering if it is worth going back to the office and rewriting the script

also what is the best command to reload asterisk from the command line? is it any different when freepbx is involved? I am maknig entries into the mysql db

thank you