Language of a voice message

I have a server * with FreePBX I would like to change the language of a voice message into Russian, for example, when dialed a wrong number, so do not say “your call can not be dialed”, but some of the same kind in Russian) how I can do it. thanks in advance.

If you go here you will find all info needed.

Onsight, I have also implemented multilingual IVRs and structures for my house.
The system answers in English, Russian and Spanish.

I also inspect the incoming caller-id and if I determine the call is coming from one of those countries, I have the IVR’s answer and default to that language…

It’s pretty cool.

Also, I have some extensions only ring for known Russian (or English) callers, if those extensions are only Russian (or English) speakers. If unknown, the caller gets a language menu.