Language module issues

Distro 10.13.66.

  1. so I used the language module to install French and now the Global language in the language module is French. My extension is still in English (as it should be) but why is system default now French? I don’t usually have to install English as this is the default when installing a system but the language module ONLY offers languages installed in that module as choices for the Global language setting. This is confusing.

  2. Before using the language module we used the below command to install additional languages.
    Does anyone know if this installs also the extra-sounds or only core-sounds?
    yum install asterisk-sounds-core-fr-*
    chown -R asterisk.asterisk /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/fr

  3. Why doesn’t a language show as installed in the language module if it was installed from the command line?

In the next release it will download english and make it the default by default (first install)

In the module it says “core” and “extra”. Look for it when installing languages

What command line are you using? It’s managed through a database. There is no way for it to know you ran “yum install”. You need to use the fwconsole commands instead.

yum install asterisk-sounds-core-fr-*