Language lost after queue


Here we use all system messages in spanish (es). Language sounds are properly installed. Using FreePBX, Asterisk 1.2

If the call is transfered from a RingGroup to a user mailbox (By *NumExtension), messages are played in spanish, but if the call is transferred from a Queue to a user mailbox messages are played in english.

Is there any issue regarding languages/queues?


Can you set logging to 5, and post a call trace showing this happen please so we can review it.

How are you setting the language and do you have languages specifically set on the extensions and if so, how?

I’m setting language in this way:

  1. We use sip in all our devices:

  2. Freepbx extensions:
    Language Code: es

  3. FreePbx Module Language:
    Description: Spanish
    Language Code: es

First destination of all inbound routes.

Traces generated.
How can I post them as a file?
Queue trace: 1307 Lines.
RingGroup trace: 837 Lines.