Language change in IVR not working

I’ve been trying to setup a language to switch to in my IVR. I’ve setup key press 9 which should take me back to my spanish recording and then change the language to spanish. The language is now changed but my spanish recording is never played. I only keep hearing my default welcome speech in my IVR.

Here is what I have done so far.

  1. Went to Admin | System Recordings , created a new IVR recording. Uploaded in both English and Spanish. I may have done this part incorrectly.
  2. Went to Admin | Sound Languages and downloaded all the Spanish language files for my used codecs
  3. Went to Applicatiions | Languages and made sure both English and Spanish appear.
  4. Went to Applications | IVR and created a new IVR as desired
  5. Option 9 was set to Languages | Switch to spanish in the main IVR
  6. Dial 7777 on a phone and listen to IVR.

When selecting option 9, the system simply replays the same IVR but the language has changed to spanish.

I followed part 12 in the sangoma university pbxact essentials course “languages”.

Uploading some images of my system recording, language settings and IVR number selections


Seems to me you have a language instance of Spanish (named “Switch to Spanish”) going to an IVR named “Welcome,” but I see you have two different IVRs (by the images) named “IVR-Welcome” for both English and Spanish. I think each one has to have a distinctive name? So, by the images, I see a total of three different IVRs.

I only have one ivr using the switch.

The IVR-Welcome you see in the languages are the names of the system recording not the IVR

My bad.

Then it seems you have identical system recording names of “IVR-Welcome”
Maybe name one IVR-Welcome-English and the other IVR-Welcome-Spanish?

I have one recording named ivr-welcome. You can have multiple languages in one system recording. From the system recordings wiki article.

" File List for (Language)

A sortable File List / play order. Here, you can string multiple files together into one recording."

Yeah, that wiki may not always be correct, but you can do what you want then.

I can’t do what I want since it still isn’t working for the reasons in my initial post.

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