LAMPP (XAMPP) installation

I have downloaded the LAMPP from, bat FreePbx don’t work fine with it, there is a lot of problems with the paths in the files of FreePbx… ?? I want to know if there is a distribution of FreePbx that is made for XAMPP users??

You know that you need asterisk installed right??

best move is to use a centos install and follow the install docs to the left.

Hola!!!.. yes I know!! I’m using opensuse 10.3 + apaches from (xampp) + asterisk … is all working fine. bat the files of FreePbx don’t have the paths for /opt/lampp where is the normal installation of apache…

for example:

:. the file: /usr/src/freepbx-2.4.0/install_amp

begin with this path : #!/usr/bin/php -q

and I have to change with #!/opt/lampp/bin/php -q

bat there are more and more other files with the same problem…

Thanks for your help and interest

Yea you should stick with centos if you want easy or have it just work.

hi tantango!

when i install freepbx on xampp, there are some problems.
can you tell me,what files you had changed !
thank you!