Lags when i speak

I install FreePBX Disto, install well all function is ready. But i have one problem, when i call and speak i have lags…
I have good NAT connect.
How i can to testing connection and debug problem?

Easiest thing to look at is “sip show peers” in the Asterisk CLI and look at the ping times.

hmm, Where here is ping info?

Qualify time is a “SIP ping”

And in my screenshot where this time?

Dude, in your entire screen shot there is only 1 value expressed in time. Did you notice that?

It’s in the status column of the only reachable extension (That odd port indicates you have some funky NAT going on).

Yes i now that 1 value, I testing and have 1 extension.

My server is go NAT, but i can’t understand where can I see ping time.

The last column, the number in milliseconds is the round trip time for the SIP message.

Ok, i see and 6ms, but lags is was…