Lag when call is forwarded to a cellphone

Hello all,
I have a very annoying problem.
During the day, when I am not at home I am forwarding all my VOIP calls to my cellphone. The problem is that there is a delay of about 2 seconds while talking, wich makes it allmost impossible to have a normal conversation. Internal calls are not lagging at all.

I use the following settings:
Call is coming in -> time conditions are used to check if it’s during daytime -> if so, the call is being sent to a virtual extension with “follow me” settings: ringallV2 / in the follow me list I have put in my nr cellphonenr# / confirm call is on to prevent the call being picked up by the cellphones voicemail when not available.

How can I solve this issue?

I have been looking into the forum and discovered that having a virtual server could cause lag troubles, this is not the case here. I use a dedicated server with the following specs:
o BE-ATOM-160G, INTEL ATOM Single Core
o 160GB
o 250GB traffic
o 100Mbit
o OS: FreePBX (CentOS 5.8)

thanks in advance for the replies :slight_smile: