Labels for Line Keys Occasionally Disappear During Call

We recently got our FreePBX phone system up and running, but my users have reported a problem that I haven’t had any luck figuring out. The labels for our Sangoma s505s (configured through the endpoint manager) are missing. This happens randomly to multiple users; I haven’t been able to reproduce it on command, but I’m told it is often enough that it occurs on 1/3 of all calls.

If the phone happens to be on the correct page, they can still press the corresponding button to perform the action they wanted (in this case, park a call). So, I don’t know if this is a configuration issue or some firmware bug. We only use s505 phones, all configured identically via the endpoint manager, so I don’t have any other phones to test with.

One of my users was able to take a picture of this occurring (caller name and number redacted):

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do from here?

In the short term, I’ll be asking them to use ##70 to manually park the call (unless someone has a better workaround), until I can figure something out.

Is your firmware up to date?

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Huh… apparently not. I thought I had selected the newest firmware when I setup the phones… though, given the time it took for AT&T to finally transfer our phone numbers from the other provider, I guess newer versions would have come out. Guess I should have checked that first, regardless of my assumption.


I’ll upgrade my phones to 1.54 and will report back here should it occur again within the next week or two.

While I was in the middle of a staggered roll out of the newest firmware, one of the users I had upgraded has reported the same issue. I’ve asked him to take another picture when it happens again, but I personally checked to see that version *.63 was on his phone.

Any other ideas?

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